Classes Taught/Taken

Classes Taught:

Lamar Community College - Lamar, CO (Fall 2022-)

      Composition I (3 sections)
      Composition II (1 section)
      Film Art (1 section)
      Intro to Literature (1 section)
      Intro to Theatre (1 section)
      Ancient Civilizations (1 section)

Northwest State Community College - Archbold, OH (Fall 2018-Spring 2020)

      Composition I (3 sections, 1 online)
      Composition II (9 sections)

Lourdes University - Sylvania, OH (Spring 2017)

      Charlie Chaplin: Art, Comedy and Politics (1 section, fully prepped but canceled due to low enrollment)
      The Post-War Boom: 1950s American Cinema (1 section)

Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, OH (Fall 2012-Spring 2016)

     THFM 1610 - Introduction to Film (8 sections)
     THFM 2620 - History of Film (7 sections)
     THFM 4850 - Topics in Film: American Film Comedy (1 section, ONLINE)

College of Micronesia, National Campus - Palikir, Pohnpei, FSM (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

     EN 120a - Expository Writing I (4 sections)
     EN 120b - Expository Writing II (2 sections)
     EN 110 - Advanced Reading (2 sections)

Grand Rapids Community College - Grand Rapids, MI (Spring 2011)

     EN 101 - English Composition 1 (1 section)
     EN 102 - English Composition 2 (1 section)

Educational Advising Center - Chisinau, Moldova (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

      Conversational English Workshop (2 sections)

Northern Illinois University - DeKalb, IL (Fall 2007-Spring 2009)

     EN 103 - Composition and Rhetoric I (6 sections)
     EN 203 - Composition and Rhetoric II (2 sections)

Grand Rapids Community Media Center - Grand Rapids, MI (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)

      Beginning Screenwriting (2 sections)
      Advanced Screenwriting (1 section)

Columbia College  (teaching assistant) - Chicago, IL (Fall 2001-Spring 2002)

      Moving Image Production I (1 section)
      Image Design for Cinema - (1 section)

Graduate-Level Courses Taken:

Bowling Green State University (earned PhD in May 2017 with 3.923 GPA*):

     Teaching American Culture Studies
     Theories of Cultural Studies
     Media and Cultural Studies
     Genealogy of American Culture Studies
     Critical Approaches to Film Studies
     Seminar in American Culture Studies: Post-Humanism
     Performance Studies: Stand-Up and Solo Performance
     Topics in American Culture Studies: History of Drugs in America
     Publication and Professional Development
     Digital Research Methods
     Independent Study: Comedy, Culture and Cinema
     Post-World War II American Public Policy
     Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
     Topics in American Culture: Dissertation Workshop

Northern Illinois University (earned MA in May 2009 with 3.818 GPA*):

     Teaching College English
     Film as Text
     Creative Writing: Poetry
     Creative Nonfiction
     Seminar: The Uncanny in Literature and Film
     Research and Bibliographic Methods
     Literature and Film
     Independent Study: Screenwriting
     Psychology in Film and Literature
     Postwar American Literature
     The Documentary Tradition
     Topics in Literature and Film: The Vietnam and Iraq Wars

                                                                    * grade point averages on a four point scale