Student Evals

Click on the quotes below to read ungraded, anonymously written reflection papers by students in my online American Film Comedy class. Please note that they have not been edited nor selectively included for content. 

"This is one of the few classes where I have looked forward to the assignments."

"...I was able to look at these movies in a way that made me appreciate them even more."

"...this has not been the easiest class I have taken but this has been the BEST class I have taken."

"All of your feedback was constructive and pertinent to my analysis."

"...I was happy to have taken this class, even if it does knock my GPA down. It was a different side of film that I don't think any other class offered would have provided me..."

"...I was pleasantly surprised with the overall structure and content of the class."

" provided an opportunity to think through things and discuss things without being told what to think, which is always nice."

"You have a great sense of humor, which showed within your lectures, making it easier for the students to enjoy what they are learning."

"I am glad I had the opportunity to watch many of these films and think more about each of them."

"I think if you were to teach it again, that there is not much you would need to change. It is well rounded, informative and fun to take part in."

"...the lectures went very well with the selections that were available for us to view and gave a better understanding of the film as we watched it."

"Obviously, you do care about what your students are learning."

"... this class has greatly changed the way that I look at movies."

"...the way the class was presented in the blog was also very interesting and I had never had a class like that before."

"Though the textbooks were good, I received a greater understanding through your lectures."

"This class was not stressful at all, which is a huge positive, because I was still learning a lot and taking a fun class, while being stressed out with all of my other classes."


Bowling Green State University

Northern Illinois University

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