House of Mirrors

Two left 
turns will 
take you there 
like a bookmark 
in a photo album
these moments 
are the measure 
of a life 
where everything 
is as it was 
or might have been
in infinite reflection
the weight of time
and the fluidity of glass
in spite of everything
you think
you know
casting doubts
in the backward
image of regret
remembrance of another time
another life 
where you could have been
you could have been
if only for a moment
to personify your ideals 
without the burden 
of misplaced apologies
and all the beautiful mistakes 
that render you complete
your eyes like tiny mirrors
within this tiny room
if only you could see
this is the universe
forever in all directions
you are here
and everywhere
and nowhere else
this time is just 
a moment