Student Reflection #12

First off, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed being a part of your class. I learned more than I expected to and that is pretty awesome! I had no idea that our blog was available to the internet world, and it is really an honor to have our writings on there for others to possibly see, and learn from. I want to wish you luck in whatever your next journey in life may be, and I am so glad that I had the chance to be one of your students before you moved on from BGSU.

I had many favorites out of the movie choices you gave us that I had already seen, but I tried to watch something I had never seen each week. I really enjoyed Wag the Dog the most this semester, because I enjoy a good conspiracy just like the one in this movie. This movie showed exactly how everything we are told could just be a cooked up scam by our leaders. Everything we see in the media could all just be a movie, something that the president’s people could have made up to cover the truth. Crazy if you think about the possible reality of it all. My least favorite movie would have to be one that I wasn’t left with much of a choice, but to watch. Dr. Strangelove was not at all my kind of movie, war movies not being my thing, but I do see why this film was important for us to watch along with our readings that week. I found the break down in your lecture attached to this movie, about the different generation’s places in history, to be extremely interesting. I am part of Generation X, and agree with relating my generation to the “unraveling” side of Howe and Strauss’s theory in their book “Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069”. I personally am a big believer in the possibility of conspiracy being a major problem surrounding our nation and have a huge amount of distrust for our government. All in all, this film was my least favorite of the semester, but the lecture was a favorite and balances it all out!

The week that we had to write a description for a romantic comedy was a great assignment, because it actually made us think a little. Like you said in the lecture, sometimes writing less can be harder. I stressed myself over this all the way up till the last minute, but then it literally just came to me. Just goes to show, overthinking can sometimes be crippling in an attempt to achieve success.

In your lectures, you had many visuals for us to look at while reading, and every week I enjoyed all the references. You have a great sense of humor, which showed within your lectures, making it easier for the students to enjoy what they are learning. Many of the photos and quotes, were from films that I have loved over the years, but the comedic photos themselves were great too!

In conclusion, when I signed up for this class I didn’t expect to get much out of it, except the enjoyment of laughter. I enjoy writing and watching movies, so where could I possibly go wrong. To my pleasant surprise, I learned a lot from your lectures and sincerely enjoyed reading them each week to see what other knowledge you could pass my way. It was a pleasure being your student and I hope, no matter what you do in life, that you continue to share your thoughts in some way. Thank you. 