Student Reflection #14

Coming into this class I was not sure what to expect. I enjoy comedies and watching films that make me laugh and was excited to see a class offered on film comedy. I had taken THFM classes in the past and had always enjoyed learning more about the film and entertainment world as I have little to not experience with it. I would say that all of my expectations and thoughts were fulfilled and I enjoyed learning about the various comics and comedic styles throughout the semester. I thought that overall the way the class was presented in the blog was also very interesting and I had never had a class like that before.

I thought overall the semester made sense and flowed nicely, as the information continued to build and further my knowledge. I also enjoyed the lectures as they were informative but still had a humorous or almost personal feel to them. The gag jokes, pictures included in the blog and other things brought it all together and reminded you that this was a comedy class and that you could look at the material differently than most classes. Comedy allows you to look at things in a different manner, a much lighter and more positive outlook on life. This class reminds you and teaches you that this is the way comedy shapes peoples’ lives and thoughts. This class changed the way I looked at American comedy because it changed the perspective in which I looked at it. Instead of watching the same movies, laughing at the same fart jokes and figuring out the punch lines before they happen I got to see all the different angles comedy takes. The most vivid one was Blazing Saddles and all of the stereotypes it set out to conquer and how it just threw it in people’s faces but since it was comedy, they were not offended. This was really interesting for me to see and learn about and that is what I will take away from this class the most.