Student Reflection #15

I registered for this class for two reasons. Firstly, it was to meet one of the requirements for my Liberal Studies Major but more importantly because I am a very serious movie buff and collector of movies. I have a passion Action movies followed by Westerns, Horror, and Psychological Thrillers; yet prior to this class I spent little time watching comedy. Therefore, I was hoping to gain some information that would help spark my interest. I am happy to report that I have obtained a greater appreciation for comedy because I have a better understanding of its meaning and purpose. This was due to your very comprehensive lectures, the insights you shared, and our required readings. The reading that had the most profound effect on me was when I read the introduction of our textbook Funny: The Book by David Misch, I was moved by his statement “As a wise man has written, Humor is an essential element of human identity.”  Humor is generally defined as what makes you laugh or be happy and also represents a mood or state of mind. In other words, I believe that everyone can benefit from moments of humor.

Though I was initially alarmed about the prospect of having to write on a blog; it turned out to be a very positive experience, thus I became very impressed with the class format. I really like how you set the stage or the rules of engagement for the grading of our Screening Questions; by putting the onus squarely on the student. I really enjoyed watching Duck Soup, Sullivan’s Travels, Airplane, Team America: World Police, Dr. Strangelove, Blazing Saddles, and Be Kind, Rewind. All of them gave me a different perspective and insight on how critical Comedy impacts our society and personal lives. Though the textbooks were good, I received a greater understanding through your lectures. My favorite lecture was the one entitled Laughter is the Cure for Depression; it is the perfect theme for humor which generally is what makes us laugh or be happy.

The question was asked; how this class changes the way I view American comedy films and culture?   My answer is that I will never view American comedy just for entertainment alone but I will be looking to experience to a deeper meaning out of the film, by applying the lessons learned through this class. Thank you, Zach!!