Student Reflection #16

My expectations when I registered for this class was to take a fun and laid back class that was online, where I do not have to be on campus as much as I was and could work more. I definitely expected this class to be fun, because comedy films are my all time favorites! I figured we would watch some comedy films on our own and write some papers on what we watched and maybe do some research papers, but the subject just sounded interesting to actually take a class revolving around comedy. My expectations were definitely met, because this class was very laid back and fun and I am thankful I made the choice to take it.

The overall format of this class was great and the online environment was used effectively. I feel as though the blog of lectures for us to read within a whole week period, a couple movie choices and a screening question was great. This class was not stressful at all, which is a huge positive, because I was still learning a lot and taking a fun class, while being stressed out with all of my other classes. I feel as though the class was easy, but not too easy. Some of the screening questions took time to think about before attempting to answer them, which was a good thing, because it taught us how to critical think. The lectures were great, sometimes it seemed like a lot of reading, but we could still work on it for a whole week. I honestly did not have a personal favorite lecture, but I liked how entertaining and some of the jokes that were involved in the lectures and all the funny pictures, such as in this last lecture the CVS picture of “Ass fragrance.”

Some of my favorite films we watched in class were The Jerk, Blazing Saddles, and There’s Something About Mary. These films were my favorites, because they were very silly and entertaining to me. I like the silly humor and jokes and these films, to me, presented that. If I had to choose my absolute favorite out of these three, it would be There’s Something About Mary, because that movie was hilarious. I don’t believe I recall any films that surprised me or ended up not being too great, so that was a plus. 

Some of my least favorite films we watched in class were Sullivan’s Travels and Some Like It Hot. I did not like these films, because they are old, so the humor is different from what I am currently used to and I did not understand the plot too well in either of them, so it was a struggle for me to answer the screening questions. The time period of comedy is definitely a lot different compared to comedy today. 

On Week 9, I watched all three movies, which were, Borat, Animal House, and There’s Something About Mary. I remember watching all of these films before in my life, but I wanted to refresh my memory by watching all of them again then choosing which one I wanted to write my screening question on. It was also too difficult to choose which one, since all of these movies are great to be honest. 

To be honest, there was nothing in the lectures that I completely disagreed with. I believe all the material made sense altogether. This was the first class I have ever taken at BGSU where it was made under a blog and it is my last semester here. I am personally used to PowerPoint lectures or if it is an online class, I once had a teacher do videos of her talking about the lecture, which was awful. I feel the blog format was super convenient, because it was all there on one page and presented great material. 

I think the textbooks were good. To be honest, I did not always read the textbooks, I would skim through it, but for the most part, it seemed to have useful information in them. I always read the lectures though and watched every film, sometimes it would just get difficult to read the textbook on top of other classes and working. 

Overall, this class was awesome. I definitely loved how it was set up, I highly recommend keeping it how it was this semester. This was definitely my favorite class this semester and I am so happy I decided to enroll in it. I learned more about American comedy films and how to study them rather than just watch the films for entertainment. I also liked how we could be creative and think of our own film for a romantic comedy film, even though it was very challenging, it required us to think and be creative.