Student Reflection #1

Some expectations when I signed up for this class was that I was hoping to see a bunch of funny movies that I had heard of and never seen and some that I hadn’t heard of that I haven’t seen. I got a good combination of both of those plus a couple movies that I had seen that I was excited to watch again. In the end they were by far exceeded because I did not expect to learn about comedy as much as I did. I thought that the difficulty of this class was much easier than I expected but it wasn’t so hard that I ever felt like I would need to drop the class. It made me think about the movies that made me laugh in a new light. I thought that the format for the class was fine. The blog was a good hub for this class. It was kind of like an extension of canvas and it made this class easier. Some interesting things I learned was some of the movies meanings behind them. Some of these movies I had already seen but in a way that I didn’t really look into it. When presented with the screening questions I was able to look at these movies in a way that made me appreciate them even more. I never knew that white chicks were already done years before. I learned that pretty much anything can be made fun of and that makes me happy because in my head I will always try to turn any situation into comedy. I thought that the lectures were useful. They made the themes for each week easier to understand why they were important. I personally liked the first one the best because it helped ease me into what I should expect out of this class. Some of the films that I loved were The Jerk, Borat, Dr. Strangelove, Sullivan’s Travels, World’s Greatest Dad, Some like it Hot, and Blazing Saddles. For some of those choices they were my favorite because I had already seen them and had fond memoires of them. Others were because I saw them and loved them and the comedy that they had. I thought one that surprised me was Some Like it Hot only because it caught me off guard about the White Chicks connections. I thought one that was not bad, just not my favorite was The Yes Men. Only because I was not as invested in it as the other movies. That being said I still enjoyed it. I thought the material made sense in both an individual lesson and as a whole. They connected well and at the same time still remained as separate topics. I wish this class would be done again because I think everyone who takes it would learn a lot and be entertained by the movies.