Student Reflection #2

When I registered for this course I had pretty typical expectations of it. I figured I would just be able to learn more about something that I already enjoyed. I was pleasantly surprised with the films we watched each week. Many I had not seen, and many films I would not normally choose to watch. I am glad I had the opportunity to watch many of these films and think more about each of them. The films I enjoyed most were Dr. Strangelove, There’s something about Mary, After the Fox and Idiocracy, just to name a few. 

My expectations were met as I learned more about comedy culture and film, which caused me to appreciate the genre even more. I liked the format of the class, and once I got used to it, I had no trouble navigating the assignments and lectures. I find that I do well in this online setting as expectations were clearly stated. The lectures were very informative and sometimes had me laughing as I read them. I also enjoyed the readings. I enjoyed both books; they have a lot of great information in them and helped me understand the week’s topic and film better.

To answer the final question: How has this class changed the way that you view American Comedy films and culture? I learned how much comedy has changed throughout the years. It isn’t all about the obvious laughs. Many films carry a message or underlying theme that may be controversial or may push the boundary of mainstream culture. Prior to this course, I was never interested in earlier comedy of the 20th century, however I learned that these earlier films really paved a way for what comedy has become. It changed my perspective on these films and their humor.

Watching the films with the week’s lecture and readings in mind helped me to see them as more comical and allowed me to have a better understanding of them. I normally would not watch many of the comedies that were selected, however this course has helped me appreciate them for what they are. Overall I enjoyed this course and the topics and movies that were discussed.