Student Reflection #4

I must say that I really enjoyed this class. I liked watching some of the older movies and looking at them from a different perspective than I had when I first saw them many years ago. I really liked how you could kind of choose your own path in this class and decide which direction your assignments would go. I liked that you could pick which film you were going to watch. I thought that the class format was perfect. I really didn’t know what to accept when I scheduled this class I thought a film class might be fun. The class was better than what I could have expected I really enjoyed it. I thought that the class was great it I didn’t find it difficult but thought that the assignments were fun. You had to put the time in to your screening questions but it never felt like work because you were giving your opinion on something that you enjoyed. I liked the way that the class taught me how to look at some of these movies differently. I did not know the difference between comedic parodies or satires before taking this class. I didn’t really look too closely into some of the films and realize the political agendas that some of them are trying to get across. I had never really thought about how the era when you are born can affect your perception of things and even what you might find funny. I had never really thought about how comedy changes over time and things that we might find hilarious now will not be as funny to those who see them twenty years from now. I enjoyed reading most of the lectures I liked the historical lectures and the lecture about comedy and race the most. I enjoyed watching Blazing Saddles and Animal House I have not seen these movies since I was a little kid and to be honest with you I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes when I saw them as a kid. I didn’t really care for the World’s Greatest Dad movie it was hard to watch a Robin Williams movie about suicide. That was really the only movie that I didn’t care for everything else was great. I was amazed by some of the comedic stunts that Charlie Chaplin was able to pull off I had never watched any of his movies before this class. There weren’t any weeks that I watched more than one of the movies that were assigned I would have if I had more free time. There wasn’t anything in any of the lectures that I disagreed with I always found them to be pretty entertaining. I thought that the way that the units and the lectures were covered made perfect sense the lectures worked well with the week’s assigned readings. I thought that the David Misch book was an easier read than the book by King. There was mores information in the King book but I enjoyed the Misch book more. I enjoyed the Misch chapter on standup and also the chapter on Richard Pryor. This class was one of the more enjoyable online classes that I have taken. I think that the way that you can choose which movie that you want to watch makes it seem like you choose your own path. This is one of the few classes where I have looked forward to the assignments.