Student Reflection #9

I was not sure what to expect of this class when I sign up. I figured it would be watching
comedy films and was not sure of what topics we would cover. The class format was very easy
to navigate, in regards to the blog. The lectures were very useful in creating an overview of what
to expect in my weekly readings and films. I did not have a favorite lecture in particular, mainly
because I found them all helpful. I think if it was a film that was to be watch that week that was
my favorite, I became more excited for the lecture. The work load, I feel, was very reasonable.
To me, it was equal to the amount of work one would have to do in a ‘face to face’ class. My
favorite films to watch were the more outrageous of silly films (such as The Jerk, Blazing
Saddles, Duck Soup, Animal House etc.). I often enjoy the comedies that some may see as
simplistic or childish. The more subtle or dark comedies were not particularly my favorites. But
they are important in the study of comedy as a whole, so I don’t have much to complain about in
regards to them. The only subtle and dark comedy I really enjoyed was Dr. Strangelove. I
enjoyed this film mainly due to its historical context (as I am a history major and enjoy 20th
century conflicts). I liked the text books offered as well and, in fact, am using one of them as a
source in my final paper. The books were very good at presenting an overview of a particular
style f comedy without going over the reader’s head. Overall, I enjoyed this class and feel that if
you were to teach it again, that there is not much you would need to change. It is well rounded,
informative and fun to take part of.