Student Reflection #5

This has been my first online class and it has taught me a lot of things. First, I have a lot to learn in being disciplined about getting work done on time. I'm currently afraid of whether or not I will pass because of my lack of submission this semester, but as always my interest in the class is poorly represented by lack of work ethic. But, more importantly, this class has taught me about far reaching effects of comedy. I came to this class because I love to laugh and this course was introduced to me as a class on the subject in the context of film and culture. I already knew what was funny, but I really wanted to know why. Because of that, I can honestly say that this class was a major intellectual success for me. Academically, this class was less than a success, but because of the films I have been exposed to in this class, and the reading (primarily from the blog itself) I now have an idea of the many contexts in which different things can be funny, and therefor have power.

In regards to the technical aspects of this class, the design of the assignments, reading material, etc., I found the structure to be very effective, despite my own shortcomings. The schedule of assignments was really easy to follow, however the organization of these assignments on canvas got quite confusing and did cause me to submit assignments to the wrong week. However, Canvas always seems to have trouble, regardless of the class or the teacher. The larger assignments were a good strategy because the blog allowed everyone to read the best of each other’s work. It was also very helpful to have to added incentive of getting one's post put onto the blog.

Overall, I was happy to have taken this class, even if it does knock my GPA down. It was a different side of film that I don't think any other class offered would have provided me, and it was in part because of the casual, accessible nature of the blog posts and the enjoy ability of a relaxed, informative class.